Past Projects

  • Animation Day
    Tue, 9 Apr
    A collection of short films created during Animation Day over the Easter Holidays 2013.
  • Stop Motion Animation
    Thu, 28 Feb
    During February half-term 2013 we ran a Stop Motion Animation workshop.  Using webcams, digital cameras and animation software we helped children to explore animation, from story boarding to creating their own short animation films.  Below is a selection of these animations, just press play to see some fantastic work by the group.
  • Den Building
    Tue, 26 Feb
    Click here to view photographs taken during February 2013 half term workshops.
  • Little People's Art Zone
    Tue, 26 Feb
    Click here to view a selection of photographs taken during February 2013 half term workshops. 
  • ArtsFest 2012 - Animated Flip Books!
    Tue, 18 Sep
    At Artsfest in September 2012, we teamed up with Heart of England Galleries to provide visitors with the unique opportunity to create their own cool animated flipbook using stop-frame photography. Over the course of the weekend, we were joined by hundreds of budding film stars eager to create their own mini motion picture, with each participant able to take away a printed version of their wacky animation.
  • Micro Photography
    Mon, 23 Apr
    During Easter holiday 2012, we invited people to explore the amazing world of photography and micro modelling in the Micro World Photography workshop. Hunting for prime photographic locations, visitors used and photographed the building in unique ways! All images by Mark Wilson 
  • Animating Architecture
    Tue, 3 Apr
    Over the Easter holidays visitors to The Public tried their hand at stop frame animation, creating some cool short films. Check them out below:
  • Femtinos
    Tue, 27 Mar
    Each Saturday, the Femtino Aliens drop into The Public.  Join in with the alien adventures, by exploring the universe and planet Earth in fun and creative ways. Check out the pictures of the earthlings who have enjoyed the workshops over the last few months, kept busy writing stories, drawing and taking part in a number of cool games. To find out more visit:
  • Den Building Day
    Mon, 20 Feb
    Throughout February half term 2012 budding constructors from across the region joined us for Construction and Den Building Day. Check out our inspiration cityscapes from our Building Buildings workshops!  Create your own city using recycled materials!
  • Photograms: Sun Exposure
    Thu, 20 Oct
    Prints created by George Salter Colligiate Academy In October 2011 George Salter students took part in a creative workshop that explored the process of cyanotypephotographic printing. This process itself took our artists away form both the digital and darkroom practices they had previously encountered and encouraged them to respond to both the subject matter and creative environment in a different way.
  • Tue, 6 Sep
    Over the August Bank Holiday weekend we hosted a number of family friendly workshops as part of the regional Home of Metal Weekender - celebrating Birmingham and the Black Country as the birthplace of Heavy Metal.  The 'Interactive Metal Special' on 1 and 2 Septembed involved kids from across the region coming together to create a special Heavy Metal interactive sculpture using lights, sounds and digital surprises. The 'Squashed Kids' collection formed part of the overall sculpture using traditional and digital arts. 
  • Puppet video
    Wed, 10 Aug
    On 8 and 9 August we held a special Puppet Video workshop, inviting children of all ages to come and create their owns puppets and film them as they came to life.